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Things to Know About a Hot Air Balloon Ride

With a combination of adventure and romance, a hot air balloon ride ranks among several bucket lists. The hot air balloon encounter is surreal and thrilling; completely incomparable to any other flight escapade out there. Whether you take the ride in Sonoran Desert outside Phoenix, Cappadocia in Turkey, or San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, seeing the destinations from a hot air balloon causes these beautiful sites to be even more magical. If you’re yet to include a hot air balloon in your list, read on to discover more.

Why should you hot air balloon ride? First, it’s a unique experience in life. Flying in a balloon is a unique experience. It feels different every time you fly. Being in the sky, in silence, above the clouds, like a bird enjoying the moment and landscape is something words can’t explain. Secondly, you’ll see the most implausible sunrise. If you imagine of a film sunrise, multiply that by 100. That’s exactly what you’ll see from a hot air balloon. Seeing the daybreak from the heights is magical. Thirdly, you could overcome the fear of heights. If you’re afraid of heights, balloon ride is the finest way to address this situation. You’ll not experience while on a seventh floor or a ravine as the ride will offer you serenity throughout the ride. The panoramic views will help you forget everything else. The ride has benefits for your health. You’ll feel happier during the trip and long after the ride is over. The experience has proved to increase heart rate, release endorphins, and improve blood circulation.

How to prepare for the ride? First, be flexible with your schedule. Hot air balloon rides are greatly dependent on the weather. Any instance of high winds, storms, or anything severe can affect your safety and often lead to trip cancellations. Secondly, be set to wake up early. The weather is often milder in the early morning, meaning a softer experience ballooning. You might not be a morning person but you’ll appreciate the pleasant experience. Thirdly, listen to the staff. As much as hot air ballooning is thrilling, there’s a bit of danger involved. The guides will brief you on wellbeing instructions, especially for takeoff plus landing. Following their advice will ensure a safe journey for everyone on the flight. Fourthly, wear layers and a hat. Layers are vital as the temperature can fall up to 15 degrees during your ride. A hat is great for keeping off the heat from the flame that powers the balloon.

How do you choose a good ballooning company? Many companies offer hot air balloon rides but different experiences. To get a desirable experience, consider a company that has been in ballooning rides for years. They’ll advise you accordingly and take you to sites other companies cannot. The company should have trained and experienced pilots so they can drive and turn even in severe conditions. Also, consider reputable hot air balloon companies to be sure they’ll stick to everything they promise regarding views, prices, food and meals, photos, and more.

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